Monday, April 29, 2013

Our Family Summer Bucket List!

Every year we sit down together as a family and each of us comes up with ideas of some activities we want to do during the Summer. Then at the beginning of the Summer I try to plug them all into our calender with a back up activity in case of  rain or some unforeseen incident.Of course some ideas might not make it on our calender and, others not listed here might make our calendar.  Here is a copy of our list. Some are activities we did last year and, some are new ideas. I can't wait for Summer time to get here.

*Go for a hike                      *Make Family Park Quest shirts
*Take a bike ride                  *Paint a Canvas
*Go canoeing                       *Make ice cream in a bag
*Make Smores                     *Have a bike wash
*Tent camp                           *Visit a carnival
*Play in the sprinkler            *Use oil pastels
*Visit the Library                  *Family game night
*Start a Summer journal       *Go to $ movie theaters
*Strawberry picking              *Visit a nature center
*Go fishing                            *Fort Magic Fun
*Tour an ice cream store        *Iron on our patches to duffel bags
*Go to the beach                    *Sidewalk Chalk
*Go to the lake                       *Eat on the patio
*Go bowling                          *Go to a baseball game
*Have a picnic                       *Cabin weekend
*Have an Outdoor movie       *Ride a horse
*Go to the zoo/petting zoo     *Go to a new park
*Go to a pool                          *Eat Crabs
*Go to a Water Park               *Play in the creek
*Make a salad using our grown vegetables         *Go to bounce place
*Visit a Farmers Market          *Visit Grandma's
*Watch Fireworks                    *Slip and Slide Fun
*See a play                               *Go to a rodeo

** I decided to cross of the items we have done to see if we can complete them all!! **


  1. I love this idea! Odhin and I did something similar although we didn't think quite as big a you guys! I think we'll expand our list to allow for more checking off and feelings of accomplishment!

    Thanks for sharing this :)

    1. Jessica, I'd love to see yours when you and Odhin are done! We are always looking for more ideas. Feel free to use ours. Maybe we can even get together and do some together! :)

  2. Your list is perfect for summer fun! I love eat crabs and visit a nature center. I'm so glad you linked up to the summer bucket list party.
    Kelly at Little Wonders' Days

  3. You've got some great summer ideas for your bucket list! And looks like you've done quite a few. I just gotta say, I love the picture of your little boy at the top, so cute! He is definitely ready for summer!

    1. Thank you for the kind words!! We are having a great time checking off all the fun activities. My youngest is a funny guy isn't he! Lol.