Monday, July 1, 2013

Behind the Camera!

Over the weekend my oldest went to a beginners photography class. He had such a fantastic time. All the volunteers were so helpful. They taught him so much. We took about an hour to walk around downtown. We saw plants, animals, architecture, patterns and, people. Conner really has a great eye for beautiful things. I was taking some photos along with him and he got a lot of things I didn't see.

After we walked around snapping photos, we went back inside where we got to rate all of our pictures 0-2. 0: being one we didn't really like or was out of focus. 1: being one we so so liked but maybe there was something a little off. 2: Was one we really enjoyed. Then we took all the 2's and narrowed it down to the best one. He got to print the best one off to hang at the local library. We can't wait to go back later this week to see it hung up with the rest of the class photos. I couldn't believe all that they did and that it was totally free!! What a treat!!

Here's a couple photos I got of Conner!

Here are a couple of his favorite shots!! The lily is hanging at the library and he titled it "Flower Reflections".


  1. Wow so cool! Where did he take the class? Sounds like something O would really enjoy.

    1. Jessica, He took this class through the library. The volunteers that helped were from The Frederick Camera Clique Club!! Was fun!

  2. Those are awesome shots by Conner!