Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Park Quest #3: Cunningham Falls State Park

For our next Park Quest we visited Cunningham Falls State Park (Manor Area) with some friends.  The Park has two different areas about 10-15 mins apart from each other. We visited the campground areas where Super Storm Sandy hit and unfortunately did quiet a bit of damage to the area.

This quest was a self guided quest where we had to follow clues to different locked boxes with more clues. Each clue gave us a new letter where we then had to unscramble to make up the word of our last locked box with a stamp for us to stamp our passports.

Throughout this quest we learned about Myth Busters. For example, Do snakes give off a smell?!? Can you hurt a turtle by touching it's shell? We also took a hike to the Catoctin Furnace where we took a bridge that was over the highway. The kids loved that!

Cunningham also has a tire park and an aviary that we visited.

Here are some pictures of our quest!



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