Monday, August 26, 2013

Park Quest #7: Deep Creek State Park

Our last stop on Day 1 on our Western Maryland trip was at Deep Creek State Park. We decided this is where we wanted to stay over night since it was sort of in the middle of all the parks we were visiting.

Once we had arrived we visited the Nature Center like out Park Quest booklet instructed us to do. Once we received our packet we were on our way on a short walk that started in the basement of the Nature Center.  The boys learned about Smokey the Bear and Wildfires. On our short walk around Deep Creek we learned different way to prevent wildfires, how Deep Creek prevents wildfires, Took a turn putting out a pretend fire and, visited a brush fire truck. 

This was one of the boys favorites of the trip. After we finished our quest we check in at the visitor's center to grab our info where we'd be staying.

The boys were shocked and excited to see where we were staying!!!

A Yurt!

After we got unpacked and beds made up we headed back down to the Nature Center for a little fishing. After we cleaned up from fishing we headed out for dinner at Uno's. The boys were exhausted and very hungry. After dinner we headed back to our Yurt. Because of the rain we were unable to play outside so we enjoyed unwinding with a video.

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