Monday, August 26, 2013

Park Quest #9: Ft. Frederick State Park

Ft. Frederick State Park is a favorite of ours. In the past we've seen some really cool events going on there.

This visit was no different. After a quick check in at the visitor's center we received our packet and we were on our way for a short hike around the park. While we were there, there was a living demonstration taking place. It was pretty cool to hear drums and music playing, hearing soldiers marching and, shooting muskets and cannons in the background. The boys enjoyed finding the black powder packets in the field that the soldiers left behind.

 Once we were done our walk around the park and learned about the history of some of the soldiers in the past, we visited the fort.

We visited the bunks were the soldiers slept and, saw a soldier fire off a musket. The boys really enjoyed that! 

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