Friday, May 31, 2013

Dig into Reading

Now that school is coming to an end here, we will be taking time during the Summer to keep up with our learning. We joined two different reading clubs to help keep the reading skills fresh as well as, reading independently and, as a family.

Here in Maryland, our public library has a program called Dig into Reading. It has a couple different components to it.  The first is to complete each burrow of 6 reading activities. Once finished and crossed off,  you can bring in your sheet and receive a prize. There are 3 rows of 6, resulting in 3 prizes.  Another component is, each participant is to try and read 600 minutes or more in 3 months to earn an additional prize. Lastly, there are 8 different libraries within our county. If each participant visits all 8 they will be entered in a drawing to win a grand prize.

Both of my boys are signed up for this program for the first time this year. We look forward to visiting each library for events/programs.  It will also be the first time Carson will have a library card! He is very excited to be able to check out books.

There is also a free program being offered through Barnes and Noble. Each child (grades 1-6) is asked to read 8 books and record them in their journal (downloaded) and to let them know to whom you would recommend each book, and why. Once you have done that, you can turn in your journal for a free book of your choice. (Off the suggested list)

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