Monday, May 6, 2013

Minor League hitting and Gardening!

This past weekend, the boys participated in a fundraiser for their baseball league. For every $5.00 they earned for the team they received "a hit" at The Harry Grove Stadium: The home of the Frederick Keys. Conner earned 10 hits and Carson earned 4. They both were to hit the balls into hula hoops strategically placed around the outfield. Each hoop had a designated prize! Conner got two of his 10 balls to hit hoops. He received an ice cream token and, a local bagel shop gift certificate. For Carson's league we moved up the hoops a bit, since they had a hard time getting them into hoops. Carson received an ice cream token, chips, a gift certificate to McDonalds and, free registration to Spring ball next year!! Wahoo!! What great prizes!

What fun we all had. A 5 hour day at a Minor League team's field, while seeing your boys light up every time they cracked that ball. Only thing we will remember next year, is sunscreen. We did get a little red.

We also had a great time working in our garden. We have all our vegetables in and are ready for them to grow and help us stay healthy. In our garden we have planted broccoli, green peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, and squash. We also let Carson go to the store to pick out some container veggies/fruits he wanted to plant. Carson has had the most interest in gardening. Conner likes it but seems to get bored fast. Carson picked out raspberries, snap beans, lima beans, and peanuts!! I was shocked when my husband showed me the peanuts! I am actually pretty excited to see how those turn out. We have done some research on the plants and think we are good to start planting them and see how they take off. We don't have the best green thumbs but, we are going to try and get better at it! It will be a learning process for us all!!

I will continue to check in with everyone to show you how our container garden and, garden bed are doing. We are also looking into joining a CSA. Do you know what a CSA is? Are you a part of one? How do you like it if so?

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