Monday, June 17, 2013

End of Baseball Season and School year goodies!

With all the celebrations this week, I have also been busy doing some crafting.

Conner wanted to give goodie bags to his friends on his baseball teams as a way to say thanks for being a great team.

For Conner's team we opted on a bag of baseball goodies.  Cracker Jacks, baseball cards, Double Bubble gum, and Little League eye black stickers! I think they turned out pretty awesome and, they were pretty easy to throw together too. I used a free tag I downloaded from The Room Mom Extraordinaire. (I love her site)

I also needed something for Conner's classroom party for his classmates. We gave those cool punching balloons/balls. It was super easy and very inexpensive. I threw it in a bag and tied another free tag on it and signed Conner's name!! What fun!! The tag is from here.


For Conner's teacher we gave her a beach bag full of goodies she could use while relaxing on the beach. Beach towel, magazine to read, a Frisbee, a water bottle, lemonade mix and, some snacks. I tied it up with my own hand drawn tag of a sun and beach chair! I got the words off another project I found on Pinterest!

All the goodies were super easy to put together and didn't cost too much!

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