Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rainy Day Activities

So it's finally Summer Vacation time! Only one problem it's raining. We're not letting it get us down,  I've asked my favorite 4 yr old and 8 yr old to help me with this post. Our favorite rainy day activities!

Carson's favorite activities (4.5 yr old)

*Go to inflatable jumping place
*Build a fort with our Fort Magic
*Play games on my Nabi: I love angry birds, Where's my Water, and Cut the rope.
*Read books with my mommy
*Baking with my mommy
*Have an indoor picnic
*Watch and play with Transformers

Conner's favorite Activities (8.5 yr old)

* Board Games: My favorite board game is Mancala!
*Go to the Library
*Read books: Loves Magic Tree House and, Black Lagoon Series
*Go to the batting cages
*Play my Ipod: My favorite apps are; Minecraft, Blockhead and, Amazing Ants.
*Watch Video's on Youtube (Mostly Minecraft video's)
*Playing card games
*Watch Kicking it.

What's your child's favorite rainy day activity?

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