Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Bucket List #3: Library Passport

As I have mentioned previously, the boys are signed up for a local Reading program through the Summer. It is a free program being offered though our public library.

As bad as it sounds we have a library right down the road that we have never visited before. We used to be members at a library in another county where we lived but, since moving we haven't been to a library. We decided to take the boys to the local library down the street to get them their own library cards. We wanted to show them how to be responsible for the books and be rewarded by getting new books.

The boys learned where the children's section was, that they had fun computer games to play, Conner read Carson a book in a cool play house and, we checked out some fun books. I was very surprised to see that Conner wanted history books!?! He wanted to learn about different world history. No idea where that came from but, he is enjoying the book so far. Carson chose a shark book while, I chose him an alphabet book, counting book and, a shape book!!

While we were there we got our passport stamped for visiting the 1st of 8 libraries in our area. The boys also got to pick a prize from the treasure chest for completing their 1st of 3 lines on their "Dig into Reading" book.

They had a great time and can't wait to go back! I see lots of visits to the library in our future!

To read more about the program see my previous post here!

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  1. Fun! We are doing the reading program too. The boys love to read.